Titanium Grade 23

Quick Facts

Ti-Grade 23 ELI is a variant of Ti-Grade 5 and is used in medical technology because of good biocompatibility and excellent fracture toughness and crack propagation behavior. It maintains its good toughness even at low temperatures down to -253 °C. These properties, as well as its low elastic modulus and good fatigue strength are due to the alloy’s relatively low content of tramp elements such as oxygen and iron.

Typical Applications

  • Medical Technology
  • Implants

Stock Range

We stock on customers commitment(s) normally we would have OD 6.35mm and 9.25mm ex stock Singapore.
We would be able to offer on indent
Bars, Sheets/ plates, Wire, forgings
Primarily manufactured in: Europe and Russia

Specification(s) & Standards

  • Grade 23, 6Al-4V-ELI EN Designation
  • ASTM Ti-Grade 23, 6Al-4V-ELI
  • 3.7165 German material number
  • UNS R56401

Material may also be supplied against Customer specifications, subject to enquiry.

Chemical Analysis composition %

Titanium Grade 23

Mechanical Properties

Titanium Grade 23

Physical Properties at 20°C

Titanium Grade 23