Quick Facts

This ferritic Stainless Steel can not be strengthened by heat treatment. The ferritic Alloy are ferromagnetic. It presents a very good machinability and for cutting. Corrosion resistance is inferior to that of the 300 series of austenitic Stainless Steel.

Typical Applications

  • valves
  • injectors
  • fasteners
  • Stock Range

    We stock a comprehensive range of round bars, sizes between 20mm and 200mm in diameter Flat Bars with a thickness between 15mm – 60mm and a width up to 250mm.
    We are offering as well:
    General forgings
    Primarily manufactured in: Europe, US
    Primarily manufactured in: Europe, US

    Industry Specifications

  • AISI 430 430F, X14CrMoS17, 1.4104
  • BS 970
  • DIN EN 17440-85
  • Material may also be supplied against Customer specifications, subject to enquiry.

    Melting Practices


    Chemical Analysis

    Chemical Composition, %

    * Mo content can be optional

    Mechanical Properties


    Machinability is very good! Excellent chip breakage. Due to the high sulphur content, this grade can not recommended for welding.

    Material Conditions

    This Alloy will withstand moderate cold forming.

    Corrosion Resistance

    moderate corrosion resistance