Quick Facts

This steel is the classical austenitic stainless steel for medical applications. It has been specifically developed and originally optimized for internal fixation devices. It’s the American equivalent for the VAR remelted, ASTM F 138, 316LVM steel. The 1.4441 IMPLANT steel is ESR remelted to a particularly low S-content. Its composition ensures that it is Delta Ferrite free, and not forming ferromagnetic Alpha-martensite up to the highest required cold worked strengths. It can be easily cold worked to high strength levels. This steel has a good corrosion resistance, especially against pitting corrosion. And exhibits fair high fatigue endurance limit at 107 cycles.

Typical Applications

This 1.4441/316LVM – IMPLANT steel is well adapted for numerous applications in the medical field and more particularly for bone surgery, like implants for joint replacement, internal fixation devices, high strength guide wires for internal and external fixations. It is also well indicated for non-medical applications with similar requirements, such as components of the watch exterior. It can be fairly easily machined.

Stock Range

We stock a comprehensive range of round bars, sizes between 0.60 mm and 25.40mm in diameter!
This is a fast-moving item, so we might not have all dimensions ex stock, but it is our intention to have at all times, all the sizes ex stock in Singapore.

Primarily manufactured in Europe, US

Industry Specifications

  • German material number 1.4441
  • ISO 5832-1
  • EN 10088-3 09/05 X2CrNiMo18-15-3
  • DIN/AFNOR X2CrNiMo18-15-3
  • AISI / SAE 316LVM
  • ASTM F 138
  • UNS S31673

Material may also be supplied against Customer specifications, subject to enquiry.

Melting Practices

  • ESU / ESR melted
  • remelted Melted

Chemical Analysis


* Mo content can be optional

Mechanical Properties

Round Bars from 0.80mm OD up to OD 13mm TS extra hard min. 1,400 MPa
Round Bars from 3.00mm OD up to OD 22mm for screws TS 930 – 1,100 MPa

Dimension & Tolerances

Standard Bar length 3,000.00 mm (-0/+50mm)
OD 0.60mm up to 18.00mm h8 cold drawn, ground and polished
OD 2.00mm up to 20.00mm h6 and h7 possible optional


According to EN 50602 K 0.5 < 1 (K1 < 0.5)
ASTM 45 (E 1122) < 1 A,B, C and D type of inclusion

Grain Size

According to ASTM E47
Hot rolled bars ASTM ≧ 6-7
Cold drawn bars ASTM ≧ 8